huntress mood board

The designs for my collaborated brand, Shapes & Structures, personifies the confident, sporty, androgynous, sexy women of our time Much like the empowering woman, whose characteristics have been portrayed in television and in novels as of recent, HUNTRESS is a collection inspired by women who embraced androgyny and used their feminine attributes to succeed in a male dominated world. As the textile artist my paintings, weaving, and dyeing all adhere to the essence of strength, courage, and individuality.

Since our line is a fall collection I was inspired by nature in the fall season especially trees and branches. Trees and branches stand strong while leaves whither away, which relates to the power and strength of women, which is why I painted the tress and braches on certain pieces.  My paintings also created a leathery affect, which resembled leather. This leathery affect reflects the strength embodied by women with its soft and delicate nature on the inside of a tough surface.

My weaving design relates to the chest armor of an ancient powerful warrior woman, with its scaly texture and geometric shapes forming over the breasts in accordance with a center “X” connecting all four sides of the design from the center. The rayon chenille yarn used to weave through the mesh fabric form the scaly texture with its lustrous staple fibers forming the yarn interlacing through the open spaces of the mesh or net fabric.  This fabric construction also resembles the softness of women, being intertwined with a strong or stern nature.

The dyes used were black and maroon in reflection of the dark tones of the fall season. The mesh fabrics were dyed maroon or black. The mesh also reflects the androgynous side of women with its sporty characteristic. The Poplin fabric was also dyed black and as well as painted.swatchesflatsflats 2woven top and painted skirtburn out velvet dresshuntress dresspainted skort and crop piecered branch pants and black croptwo piece black meshwhite mesh pantsavant guardfinal garment burn out dressfinal garment painted branch and leaffinal garment skirtmesh white paints



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