Film Report: “The Great Gatsby” (1974)

great gatsby coverInstead of visiting a museum, I chose to do my research based on the 1974 version of the film “The Great Gatsby”, a romantic drama directed by Jack Clayton . Robert Red ford acts as Jay Gatsby, Mia Farrow plays the role of Daisy Buchanan, Bruce Dern acts as Tom Buchanan, and Sam Waterson acts as Nick Carraway. In the film the characters live in Long Island, New York in 1922. Nick Carraway is the narrator of the film who is looking into the lives of wealth, greed, and carelessness by his cousin Daisy Buchanan and husband Tom Buchanan, who from the outside seem to be living “The American Dream”. Nick is also the neighbor Jay Gatsby (the focal character in the film who is a mysterious millionaire who splurges on his wealth by throwing parties every night in search of the love of his life Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby finally becomes involved with Daisy with the help of Nick, but in his attempts to make Daisy leave her husband, things fall apart and Gatsby eventually becomes a victim of the Buchanans cruel and careless behavior. One of the objects that stood out to me in the film was Daisy Buchanan’s big lavender garden hat that she wore when she is reunited with Jay Gatsby.  The texture and movement seen in the fabric of the hat inspired me to create a garment with such texture and movement .I plan on using the texture as an idea for a dress material as my final garment .gatsby hatgatsby hat 2daisy hatdaisy hat 2Also other objects that were inspiring to me from the film was the drapery style dresses that were also worn by daisy . The garments appear to be layers of satins, lace, and chiffons with no distinct shape to show the silhouette of the body (vertical silhouette).daisys fur coatdaisy white draped garment gatsby74couple  The style dresses were similar to other 1920’s style dresses that were popular (flapper styles) during the time. Flappers were young women of the 1920s who decided to stand against the expectations of society by cutting their hair short (often times wearing it curly), dressing in elaborate dresses, and wearing excessive makeup to convey a more attractive appearance during their social activities (primarily parties) . At these parties they they drank, smoked, danced to jazz music, had causal sex and all other things which were considered unacceptable during this time.  The dresses often times have accordion pleats and ruffles, as well as diagonally placed layers  to implement fullness and more exaggerated drapery. Necklines varied from high necklines,v-necks, scoop necklines, square necklines etc. The lengths of the dresses were ended slightly above their knee or below. Drapery style dresses have also been my preferred style to wear, so the dresses in the film immediately caught my attention. For my final garment the style dresses from the movie are my inspiration as far as the shape of the dress, but instead of creating a replica of the 1920’s flapper style I will create a more modern and fun version of the  loose fitted, draped dresses seen in the film.flapperWomen in the 1920s - Flat Rock Org 1927flappers

film report art 204



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