Body Dressing “Fashioning the Queer Self”

In this chapter there are many things expressed that I found interesting. First, it is discussed that identity and comfort play corresponding roles in the practice of dress. “Can be taken to embody resistance to the hegemonic discourses of ‘proper’ feminine or masculine behavior and attire”. I completely agree with this, when practicing dress, it is very common for people to dress in the comfort of being accepted by peers or in the comfort of being relaxed in garments. For example, in high school, young adults are commonly accepted among peers who have fashion similarities and hobbies. Another point brought out I this chapter is the practice of masculine and feminine clothing being worn by the opposite sex. Though, in history, wearing garments that are meant to be worn by the opposite sex meant that you were homosexual, in todays time that still remains true, but in todays society it is more acceptable and is more about how you put together an outfit rather than the garments itself.  For example, women are seen wearing garments ,originally meant to be worn by men, as a high fashion trend. (Miley Cyrus)also, it is also mentioned in this chapter how some brands are typically seen in certain cultures (for example, music, athletics, art). This trend seen in certain cultures is a way of being identifiable and in common with your peers who share the same interests


Hip Hop trending brand

. The technologies of transformation are available but at a price. As said on the website for the Lotus Plastic Surgery Center plastic surgery “as with all luxury items, you will need to balance the potential benefits with the cost. With plastic surgery, cost not only entails financial cost, but also time away from work, recovery, and possible cost of complications”. Most plastic surgery patients take part in transforming their body because they have the funds or are desperately unhappy with their body.


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