California State University- Los Angeles Campus Trends

During my search to find the latest trends on the campus of California State University- Los Angeles I observed the area where Starbucks is located where many students pass through.  During this time came across a variation of styles. The most common trend that I saw was the oversized tops and skinny jeans. These two trends were developed during the time hip-hop and r&b emerged as said by Yorgi Mesimeri in the article “Loose the Line Dont Loose the Style”. The oversize and skinny jeans style flourished and became highly popular in the 80’s  as musicians and artists dressed in urban wear. Since its development oversized fashion has been a common trend in fashion, especially street-style. Another obvious trend seen during my observance was flats for women. The flats that were worn by students had various brands such as Urban Outfitters, Zara, and Steve Madden. The Flats shoe trend has been an basic asset in Women’s fashion since 1940’s when war emerged as expressed in the article “History of Women’s Shoes”. During this time women had to be active outside of their homes especially and still wanted to look chic while being comfortable. My observant experience of the campus trends was very interesting. This experience concluded that styles of today are just a repeat of past trends combined. Socially the trends I have observed have a casual conservative look which may be as a response to women’s ability to have a more social impact on society and are able to be advocates for different beliefs and ideas. Though being a women in society is still not as equal as being a male, we are at a point where we have the most freedom to have an opinion and be able to make a change. For example Michelle Obama contributed a great deal to society as the First Lady through her speeches, active volunteering, advocate for military families, and leader against childhood obesity.

Flats and skinny jeans

Flats,skinny jeans, oversized top

skinny jeans, flats, oversized top

Skinny jeans, oversized tied jean top, flat boots

tights and oversized jean jacket


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